11 February, 2013

Feeling Clever

I have a few more squares that I haven't posted!  These were from umm...  maybe 2 weeks ago.  Can't remember anymore.  No, maybe the beginning of last week.  Must be, as this first one is the February square from the Julie Yeager group.  It's Another Sunflower Block.  Another good challenge for me.  I learnt a lot on this one too.  

This is Falling Star & the second block in the CAL I do each fortnight.  I just posted this new square last night.  

This one is from another book I have, 200 Crochet squares by Jan Eaton.  It's Tricolor Square.  I really like it.  I did have to add more to it as it was only a 6".  The pattern ended with where I have the light green so I made up the rest.  I like that centre design though.  It's very effective!  

Have a great week!  I love Mondays!  We have nothing on.  Just hang out & do fun stuff or whatever!  Yay!  (actually the boys both slept in this morning as it's dark & I have been sitting here at 7.30am doing some crochet!  hehehehe!)

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Colleen said...

Those are awesome squares,,,,I'm a really basic crocheter lol, colour changes seem like so much work to me but looking at these I really must start to get a little more adventurous.
I just discovered your blog from a comment you left on my cooking blog for my sponge cake,,,,way back in November lol,,,,I've been a little slack in the blogging area!!!
I am enjoying browsing through your blog :)