27 February, 2013

Slow Days

Yes, we've had slow days.  But internet speed, not much else!  
I have been busy as usual!  We've had some really hot, sticky days.  It's meant a lot of the activities like below.  It was fun hanging out by the paddling pool.  I went armed with my crochet on a quilt under the lemon tree.  We don't have many big shady trees in the back yard so the fruit trees are it!  lol  

This is the crochet I have been working on mostly.  I showed you one square the other week that I had done.  At the time I didn't have anything in mind other than one square.  I hadn't decided then whether to do a sampler blanket again with my crochet along group squares.  But nope, I ended up doing this.  This was my first 2 rows joined.  I really wanted to try the flat braid join.  I didn't even experiment with any other joins  like I usually do.  I like it.  Whether it really belongs on this pattern square is now beside the point.  I am just working on what I hope is the last 10 squares.  I have 25 joined but it needed more.  So I will see how it looks for size when I have added these next 10.  Almost finished them for joining time!  It needs some serious blocking then!  

This is Double Treble Burst Square which was the Sunday square for our CAL.  It was fun to make.  Looks quite good really.  If I can say so myself!  It should be a nice addition to my Tulip blanket. 

I have ditched one of the squares I had made for it.  I don't like how it is sitting so I decided last night when my mind wouldn't stop while trying to sleep, that I will unravel it!  I will put the yarn to better use as there really is nothing I can do with the jolly thing to make it nice.  

OK, time to get on with the day.  

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Bron said...

Ahhhh slow days crocheting under the lemon tree....I can only dream. Lucky you. xx