21 October, 2009

News Flash!

Not much going on here right now, except we are moving house! Ekkk!!!

Looks like we have bought one! We are doing something different than everyone else these days & we are upsizing rather than downsizing. It is a fact that we have outgrown our little place & I have really had to adjust to the idea of moving from here, but now it is really exciting. More details later. I am waiting on finding out when we will actually be doing the moving bit now. I have started to pack some stuff up & do little bits when I can but at the moment it is only in the evenings so I am not getting a lot done.

Only little bits of stitching getting done at "work" at the moment, inbetween an upset child that must be getting more teeth through. I don't expect there will be a whole lot more craft getting done than that right now. So if I vanish for a bit, you know what I am doing anyway! If anyone would like to lend a cleaning hand I would love help! hahahahah... especially with the oven! I dread cleaning ovens! I bet I am not the only one though!

Take Care!
There’s no place like home
Well I say now home, home sweet home
There’s no place like home
Wherever you wander
There’s no place like home
There's no Place like Home - Elvis Presley

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