02 October, 2009

Just a couple more

I'm getting boring I know but oh well, at least I am still able to stitch a little. This is one of the original Mill Hill Angels, & also Christmas Goose. I did an extra goose as I thought I better get a couple done soon for the Bushfire Ornament collection.

In between fishing with Brandon in the workshop & playing in the cubby house, & squishing playdoh I am still able to help customers, watch Friends & stitch a little. lol

I got some fish for in the bath. They stick on tiles & the bath tub. Along with that, a net from the pet shop & voila, instant fishing. He spent about 20 minutes doing that yesterday. Lucky I remembered the smock else he would have been soaked.

I'm gone fishing,

Sounds crazy I know,

I know nothing about fishing,

But just watch me go.

Gone Fishing - Chris Rea

1 comment:

Sandy said...

You have certainly been busy, not boring :) Brandon is a very cute fisherman.