29 October, 2009

Assorted Crafts

I keep forgetting to put this picture up. Friends of ours had a baby back in September. I had just got this started when mum broke her leg & life was jumbled up again so it was forgotten for a bit. But I did eventually sit down & get it finished. The design is a Forever Friends bear & it was taken out of a UK cross stitch magazine, though I have no idea anymore which one as I only have the chart & not the whole magazine left. It's pretty cute though & very pink!

This is Beartooth Santa from the Mill Hill Appalachian Santa series. I just finished this yesterday. I was determined to finish something to blog! lol He is a little different than he originally was. I let Brandon have a look & Brandon then detached some of his beard, so his face is a bit wonky but I can't fix it. I have sticky felt on the back & I will not try to pull that off to fix the face as I will just wreck it further I am sure! So I don't care. He is definitely original!

Don't laugh at these but hey, you have to do something to entertain a one year old sometimes. Amazing what you can do with toilet paper rolls & a couple of pipe cleaners, some sticky tape & a magazine. Brandon thought the butterfly was pretty funny though & he has started buzzing like a bee sometimes so we just make buzzy noises with the butterfly too. I really don't know what noises a butterfly makes so buzzing is going to work for us! The other things is a bug! You can decide what sort of bug. It has 6 legs so it can be any type of insect you imagine it to be. You have to love imagination!

Imagination is funny
It makes a cloudy day sunny
It makes a bee think of honey
Just like I think of you
Imagination - Frank Sinatra/Harry Conick Jnr

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