30 September, 2017

Taking Stock - September

Making : no much as I'm working heaps more than usual so not making as too tired!!!  lol  
Cooking :  as little as possible.
Drinking :  peppermint tea.
Reading: The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah
Trawling:  etsy
Watching:  Gilmore Girls - loving it.
Wanting:  a new series like Girlmore Girls to watch when I finish GG.
Looking:  at the rain.
Deciding:  what to do in the holidays.
Wishing:  my sore neck would get better.
Enjoying:  a couple of hours on my own.  
Waiting: for the boss to come home from holiday so things can be back to normal.  
Liking:  busy days at work.
Wondering:  about Christmas that is coming fast!
Loving:  lighter mornings, until next week & the clocks go forward!!!  
Pondering: what patterns to use my sock scraps for.
Listening:  to the constant sound of rain.
Considering:  a little holiday!
Buying:  trying not to buy too much sock yarn right now.
Hoping:  my boss has a terrific time on her trip.
Marvelling:  at my boy & his piano playing!
Cringing: at how it gets so cold all of a sudden!
Needing:  a holiday...  
Questioning: the creation of yet another coffee shop in our town.  
Smelling: coffee
Wearing:  still the hand knit socks.  Could still be for a few more weeks at this rate.
Noticing:  how long the evenings are.
Getting:  a new but old bookcase!  Yay!  
Bookmarking: "Connie Ray of Hope" crochet a long.  I would like to do this one!
Disliking:  all the sickness that is everywhere at the moment.
Opening:  birthday cards. 
Feeling: to tired to do much of anything except sleeping. 
Hearing:  BJ's piano practice coming along amazingly.  

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need a holiday, or at least a few days just to relax from the normal routine. So have KitKat!!! and enjoy the holidays with the boys when you can.