29 September, 2017


I was bored.

That happens occasionally.

It's OK though.

I found something to do that suited my mood at that time.

I dug out some fabric that are some of my favourites.  I used to be an avid letter writer so anything with letters printed, especially vintage looking ones are pretty cool in my eyes.  Team it up with an Airmail stripe & you are set.  But lets have a think.

It's funny to recall the letters of the past.  Most children these days would have no clue.  I must educate my boys.

There were aerograms.  Those blue fold up & stick it shut letter sheets.  You could only write a letter as long as that.  That's all.  It would have been good value for those with not much to say. I remember Oma getting them with writing all over the outside as well as the inside...  never enough room!

An aerogram was never big enough for me & the letters my thoughts ended up putting down.  Plus I had a terrible stationery addiction too.  You can't write pretty letters without pretty paper can you.

I think I can even say when my paper addiction begun!  My Oma gave me a stationery set once.  I guess I was 6 or 7.  It had about 15 sheets of paper & 15 envelopes in a plastic folder type sleeve that held it all in place with a pretty picture on the front.  That picture indicated what that pictures on the paper & envelope would be like.  Well I loved it.  Of course I had no one to write letters too though.  So I do remember I used to write them to myself.  I put them in our mail box in our front yard too.  It was a whole other thrill getting mail out of the mail box!  We never had mail delivered to our home in those days.  We had a post office box.  So I never got to enjoy getting mail out except when I wrote to myself.

I think I was about 11 when I got my first penfriend though.  She lived in Queensland.  Funnily enough, we lost touch in our teens but since social media came into play, we have reconnected again!

At one stage I had about 30 penfriends from all over the world.  I used to send them all birthday & Christmas presents in the mail too!  Gee, you can barely do that anymore.  Postage prices are prohibitive!  I still have contact with a few.  It's pretty cool really.  I don't write the letters I once did.  It takes me ages to write still & I do hand write them.  My arm isn't used to it.  So I should do it more often & then I would be fine.  But it really does take me a while.  I write a lot!

Anyway, I am quite side tracked when all I wanted to do was show you the bag.  It's a pattern I have used a couple of times now for project bags.  These are a great size for my sock knitting.

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Anonymous said...

The material would certainly match your nostalgic mood and feelings of the past. I love the material for all that. It is such a pity that the art of letter writing has passed with every modern way of communicating. Our ancestors would have loved it.