12 October, 2016

Taking Stock - October

Making :  Christmas plans

Cooking :  As little as possible...  fast  "fried rice" which I was told was "special"!

Drinking :  coffee, herbal teas & water.

Reading: The Dandelion Years - Erica James

Trawling:  through quilt patterns to get ideas for a large print fabric.

Wanting:  ideas for Christmas.  lol  

Looking:  forward to Christmas & making plans for different bits already.

Deciding:  where to have our summer holiday.

Wishing:  that wishes came true after a discussion with an 8 year old on whether they really do or not.  
Enjoying:  A little time alone.  

Waiting:  for it to warm up a bit.

Liking:  the boys playing outside with the neighbour girls instead of on the computer.

Wondering: what to make for teacher gifts.  

Loving:  CMA's "Forever Country".  

Listening:  Lady Antebellum  

Buying:  more books...  for all of us at the second hand bookshop.  Love to save books.  Love that the boys want books.  Love the really cool "Titanic" book with the pop ups in it.  What a score that was.  

Watching:  Chicago Fire, again, back at season 1.  Just love it...  

Hoping:  the rest of the term is easier than the beginning few days.

Marvelling:  at the boys branching out without us, going with the neighbours to play... 

Cringing: at all the accumulated washing after a week of rain.

Needing:  a massage...

Wearing: "lazy" clothes.  lol

Getting:  fresh eggs from lovely neighbourly chooks.

Bookmarking: ideas for Christmas gifts to sew/make/give.

Disliking:  people who don't speak to you for 2 months & then invite you to something!  

Giggling:  the boys needed a coconut.  Wanted a coconut.  Promised a coconut in the holidays & found one at last.  Excitement at said opening & cracking coconut!  But they hated the water & the flesh...  I don't think seeing coconuts with straws in them on TV is quite the same...  

Feeling: tired mostly!  lol

Hearing:  the dog snore.

Celebrating: having all my quilts finished!  No UFO quilts in the cupboard, just fabric waiting it's turn!  

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Anonymous said...

It's always hard to get back into routine after holidays for all of us so can't blame boys for that.