03 October, 2016

Sunday Trippin'

We didn't end up going as far as intended.  Weather was ordinary to say the least.  But we had a lovely time out anyway.

Exploring lookouts, & beaches.  Fossil Bluff as it is called was somewhere the boys were intrigued by as BJ wants to be an archaeologist.

A lighthouse & another lookout.  A beautiful sight of the growing rainbow...

Finally a visit to the tulip farm when they are flowering!  What a beautiful sight that is...  Rows & rows of colour...  Just beautiful!

Stopping at a wharf nearby for famous fish & chips for lunch & with the weather deteriorating more it was a good plan to head home.   A great day though.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea to just explore your own area and see these wonderful sights when all the tulips are in bloom. It looks fantastic. Wish I could grow tulips like that