25 September, 2015

Birthday Socks

My new socks.  Yes, more.  lol

This was the yarn BJ picked out for me for my birthday.  Grandma took the boys to my work to let them pick something out for me.  Grandma had fun apparently.  They wanted to buy a lot of different things & lots of crazy colours.

I enjoyed knitting these.  No particular order to how the colour order came up.  So another pair that wouldn't suit someone who can't cope with not exactly matching socks.  (I met someone at work like that recently - I think she will struggle with making non-matching!  Isn't it funny how we are all so different!)


Bron said...

They are lovely and extra special beacuse they don't match and the boys chose the colour.......happy birthday xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love the socks. They will be lovely and warm again.
I think I would only notice if someone was wearing odd socks.