28 September, 2015

Ahhh... Holidays...

A family drive that was meant to be to some gardens ended up on top of a mountain.  Becareful what you wish for when Stuart is driving!  You have been warned.  

In the car DJ said he wanted to climb a mountain!  Big mouth!!!  

Stuart turned off to head to the nearest ranges...  & climb we did.  So going up the mountain I said I wanted coffee & cake.  lol  

BJ started walking with a stick so DJ had to have one too.  He referred to it as his "wise old stick".  We did laugh.  He was still too busy talking most of the time.  Hard to be shown up on a walk by a 4 year old!  

I was there too...  really I was!  

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Bron said...

What a great outing...love your new haircut. xxx ( sorry have much to catch up on in your little space. xx