01 July, 2015

Taking Stock - May & June

Making :  party decorations
Cooking :  party food
Drinking :  less coffee
Reading:  Cloudstreet, at last.  Struggled, but enjoyed it in the end.
Wanting:  more time to read the other load of books sitting there
Looking:  at knitting patterns
Playing:  Candy Crush of course!
Deciding:  which knitting pattern I am in the mood for.
Wishing:  for a bit more time to make all the knitting things as well.
Enjoying:  listening/reading the Famous Five.
Waiting: for my friend to have her long awaited operation.
Liking: the spring like weather in the middle of winter.
Wondering: what little things I can do for my friend after her op.
Loving:  my work
Pondering:  Which cowl pattern will best enhance the colours in the yarn I want to use.
Considering:  what to do when in the coming school holidays.
Buying: so much fruit it's crazy!  These boys eat it all day.
Watching:  Masterchef!  Love it!
Hoping:  the little guy enjoys his birthday gifts!  Present pressure is terrible!  lol
Marvelling:  at how suddenly it seems my big boy can read!
Cringing: about present pressure!
Needing:  time...  so much more time...  to make stuff...  lol
Questioning:  the depths people must be in to take their own life.
Smelling:  mandarins after peeling them.
Wearing:  new jeans that fit properly!
Sorting:  more toys & clothing the boys grow out of ...  it's never ending really.
Getting:  good test results.
Bookmarking:  recipe ideas for different things the boys could try.
Coveting:cake decorator skills...
Disliking:  frosts.
Giggling:  at all the silly things I have found to send my friend while she is in hospital.
Feeling: like I need a massage
Snacking:  Cadbury Breakaway Hazelnut biscuits...  try them if you haven't!
Helping:  BJ with his reading & words.
Hearing:  some great singers on The Voice.

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