01 July, 2015


Don't you hate it when you hear something bad & you just can't shake the thought from your mind?

Well this morning I read some sad news online.  One of the blogs I follow, listed in "My Blogs I love to read" list on the right, has just rattled me this morning.

The writer of the blog A Creative Being took her own life the other day.  Depression.  Tragic.  Depression is hard to fathom - how bad must one feel to take that final step to end it & escape it.  It's hard to comprehend.

I have anxiety issues.  I don't know how far it goes before it turns into depression...  after having my boys I know I had it but now it's just more an anxiety issue.   But I have help.

There is so much help out there now for these things.  Please, don't ignore the signs...  take it on yourself to admit you don't feel right & seek the help from your GP.  Call an anonymous line like Beyond Blue & just talk a bit if you don't want to be face to face.  But don't be scared of what may come.  Be scared of what may come if you don't get the help you need.

Be brave.  Save yourself.  Talk to someone.

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Bron said...

It is a hard thing to comprehend...how dark and low life must be for some when they look like they have so much to live for.....thoughts are with you as you revisit your own journey...good for you and the encouragement you give to others to seek help. Xxxxxx