23 May, 2015

Forgot This Pair

I had every intention last weekend of posting these but still haven't so I just realised.

These are some socks I knitted over a week ago for Stuart.  They were nice to knit with some new Roam Fusion yarn we have at work.  Some fun colours to play with.  The heel is done in an Admiral Tweed though.  I like to do that matching.  Looked quite good in these anyway.  So there you are...  I have been quietly knitting away again this week & will probably have another pair to show in a day or 2.


Bron said...

You guys must look good stepping out in your new socks...have the little guys got their own pair yet?

Sally said...

Lovely socks indeedy. Tweed heel looks might good. How long does it take you to knit a sock?