07 February, 2015

New Experiences

A party today for BJ held at the local water slide.  Lots of fun to be had.  But for BJ it was a new experience.  Stuart was along to go down with him but he was brave & didn't need Dad at all.  DJ was there with mum to watch the action & take some pictures.  The mum of the party boy asked if DJ wanted to go on it.  Of course he said YES!   So Stuart didn't get out of it after all.  They had a good time.  

I started this little jacket/cardigan a couple of weeks ago at work.  It had been so very quiet so I got to do this which is  a first!   Very happy too though.  It's a Sirdar pattern we sell along with Cascade Bentley yarn.  It was lovely to work with.  It's a sample for at work.  Last week I took it with me to lunch with my knitting friends as it was easier to work on while talking.  Since I have finished my own cardigan I just finished up this one this week.  Was a nice little piece & looks really cute!  Hope it does it's job at work in selling lots of the yarn.  It's so nice!  

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Bron said...

Fearless boys....and a good sport Dad. xxxx