03 February, 2015

I Actually Did IT!

Do you remember the funny bits of blue knitting that I was fighting with a couple of weeks ago?  

Well here they are, all put together in one piece.  There has been nothing to show really as I have just been going back & forth down the length of the body.  

But it's finished.  I have done it!  I got if finished on the weekend.  It was an interesting piece that I can say I actually managed.  

Not entirely sure about how it looks.  It still seems a bit small & I hope if I get the courage to wear it that it stretches a bit more.  I did block it out quite a bit but it isn't enough.   I did what I thought was a generous size but hmmm...  it needed more...  I like a bit more positive ease in the fit of my clothing.  Anyway, it's done.  The 3 ladies today told me it looks great on, so that was a bit better.  I was doubting after these pictures.  

I can't wear it quite yet as it's still a bit warm.  But come Autumn & it may just get to come out of the cupboard.  

I do feel quite clever though having got the scary pattern done!  


Bron said...

It's really lovely...you should be proud....it looks great on. Xxxx

Sally said...

It does look awesome on. I like wearing loose fitting clothing too... but I think that you're going to need to adjust your thinking on this one because it looks terrific!!!