28 April, 2013

Rather Pleased ... Ta-Dah!

 Finally!  Yay!  I must say this picture doesn't really do the blanket justice but you get the idea.  It's done anyway!  I am really happy with it.  Much happier than with the 2 from last year.  This one is 30 squares too.   Those were only 20 I think but I wanted this bigger to make it more useful.  I do like the colours of this one better too which is why I didn't mind making & making.  I didn't get sick of it quite so quickly.  

I experimented with a couple of different joins & also had planned all along to do it in white, but I know from experience at work that you 90% of the time end up with something different that what you intend!  So yes, I joined in dark green.  It made such a difference.  

Then the edge!  Well I recently saw one on a friends page on Ravelry.  It was really good & I thought it would suit this bunch of squares.  So I ordered the book from the library.  Around The Corner Crochet Borders.  I'm going to buy it.  It's awesome.  It's no. 28.  Anyway, it took a little effort as the white piece is a braid on it's own & needed to be woven in.  But I love it!  Thanks to Mary the star of the crochet square!   (if you are on Ravelry, check out her page with her link of her name...)   

So there you go!  Now I am trying to make up my mind on my new colours.  But I have a week or two.  The CAL is still running & the next square is one I have done already - shhh... it's in the blanket!  


Vicky said...

love it and the colours are awesome

Bron said...

That is gorgeous..I am partial to a bit of green so great choice of colours. xxx

Anonymous said...

Extremely clever. I love the edging but it would have taken quite a long time to do.
Will be lovely and warm as well.

Sally said...

It is brilliant!!! I still haven't joined my crocheted squares. On a bit of a knitting mission these days. Must must must get onto it though because your afghan is GORGEOUS!!! Love love love it!