14 April, 2013

Dress Ups

We had our first real party dress up this week!  It took some discussion before BJ would decide what character he wanted to be though.  I was really trying to avoid a Star Wars themed costume.  I have never seen a Star Wars movie so still not really sure where I would start!  He hadn't either so really was only going by what his friends like.  But since he plays Mario games sometimes it seemed like a good option & was approved of!  After a little surfing online it didn't take long to find a costume idea for that either.  After a little more surfing & voila, I had the ideas for how to construct too!  The overalls were a breeze with the info at Smashed Peas & Carrots.  The hat too was easy peasy!  All there at your finger tips these days!  A look around op shops found me nothing so I had to make!  But that's ok.  It turned out well.  I found the red fleece & blue felt in a quick trip to town.  They had exactly what I needed.  I had the hat done with in the hour of purchase & the overalls done not long after tea time!  So pleased!  The big boy was too so that was a good start.  But he did tell me he needed a star & a mushroom as of course they have those on the game.  So umm... I gave in to the challenge.  Printed out the star from online & used him as a pattern.  The mushroom I made up.  Probably a bit taller than the ones in the game but oh well.  

The costume was a success as were the additions of props.  They were "playing Mario" running around getting the stars & mushroom "collecting" points!  Quite funny to see.  Now I am hoping I can find a book on Mario.  Then we could re-use the costume for book week later in the year.  Otherwise the blue overalls may turn into a lego man costume later on instead!  

Have a great week!  


Bron said...

That is so awesome....you are a true school mum now ...thinking about book week.

He looks so proud of himself.xxx

Sally said...

You are so clever. WOW!!!

... what the??? You've never seen Star Wars - one of my all time favourite films. The original three anyway. First book I read cover to cover in one night was Return of the Jedi... can't believe you've not seen Star Wars?!?!!