28 June, 2018

Taking Stock - June

Making :  party stuff
Cooking :  as little as possible but a bit of soup.
Drinking :  coffee
Reading:  The Secrets of Midwives - Sally Hepworth
Trawling:  pinterest for Harry Potter party ideas.
Wanting:  the holidays to come!
Looking:  at party ideas.
Deciding:  on birthday presents.
Enjoying:  party preparations.  
Waiting: for the internet date to change over... hate dial up speed.  
Listening: to strange requests at work.  
Buying:  birthday presents.  First one, then another...  
Watching:  Hart of Dixie again.
Hoping:  my knitty mojo comes back fast.
Cringing: at the idea of school swimming in the middle of winter.
Needing:  present ideas for both boys.
Wearing:  lots of my hand knits.
Noticing:  DJ is growing up.
Disliking: that DJ is growing up & leaving behind his bedtime snuggle things.  
Feeling:  sadness for the horses...
Celebrating:  BJ's birthday.
Pretending: the chopsticks I bought are actually for us to try eating with.  They have been turned into wands for a party.
Embracing:  all things Harry Potter...

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Anonymous said...

A very busy month by the sound of it with lots of decisions to make. Have fun! Enjoy it all.