02 May, 2016

My School

 Another week & a bit completed on the Town & Country quilt.  I took a little while to think over the school area as I didn't like the fence that ran through the pattern original.  So I had to make it work some way without a fence & fill in some of the gaps.

So the first bit started with a School sign & the 40km speed limited that we have all around here at school times.  A couple of school buildings too.  I did make all my school buildings all the same colour.

I created my own court rather than the hoops behind a fence.  Also created the climbing thing.  There was a swing behind the fence on this one but I have 2 swings so added something different.  

The main school building & another School zone speed sign.  Then the corner which sends you up the side to the hospital.

I joined these 2 buildings & added a little park bench too.

Here it is attached to the rest!  Woohoo!  Well you can't see the whole "rest" but some of it at least.  121 squares down.  That means there are 244 to go!  So that's pretty close to a third of the way I guess!

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