05 October, 2015

Simply Satisfying

I love the school holidays & to make them enjoyable they don't need to be fancy.  Today was action packed really but simple & relaxed fun that just came about randomly really.

A play at the park nearby & probably the last time we will see the Big Egg that is set for removal soon according to the sign on it.  Those play things from long ago are nearly all extinct now.  This one & another one (which I won't be sad to see go as it is useless) will be about the last of the 70/80's play stuff in our parks.  

Keep looking at recipes for simple things that should be pretty good for kids & easy to make etc etc... you know the type of thing you see?  lol  Best intentions & all.  On the way home from the park we decided  we would try a couple.  DJ was on the Choc Sultana & Oat slice.  

BJ was on the Lemon Slice.  

Which of course meant afternoon tea out on the deck.  

As expected, DJ loved both, BJ didn't like the oat one.  I did use caramel chips instead of milk chocolate as someone had demolished the bag of cooking choc bits that were in the cupboard.  (& not a kid!)

Some play time outside after on the trampoline & then I suggested dinosaurs in mud.  Well that was a hit.  Nearly an hour of play that looked like this with lizards, dinos & crocodiles.  

Best fun ever followed by a bath that was waiting when they decided they had had enough.  Was late afternoon by then anyway.   Certainly a full day.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day they had. You certainly come up with good suggestions for them.

Bron said...

Oh how fun....love that they cooked their own afternoon tea and mud fun ewwwww