04 July, 2014

Another Birthday

 DJ is 3!  Yep already.  Goodness... that time has passed by quickly.  We had a nice day.  

I spent quite a bit of the time building legos.  He loves them.  Lots of action going on with the lego people that's for sure.  

I promised him a visit to the local strawberry farm.  Unfortunately it's the wrong time of year for them really but since it was DJ's birthday the very kind lady gave him a punnet & told him he could go & pick a few.  They weren't very good, but he had a great time & then scoffed them all very quickly, along with his new friend Buzz Lightyear.  

We did go there in strawberry season & he ate a huge amount.  Definitely his favourite.  All he wanted to eat on his birthday was strawberries & cake!  lol  

So we come to the cake.  I was rapt to find the instructions for the Kwazii cake online.  Made it easier.  It was still fiddly but boy it wasn't really difficult.  Probably the worst thing was drawing the badge.  I can't draw.  Harder when you can't rest your hand to do it.  DJ is happy with it all though & that's the important thing.  

It was a surprise though this cute little cake.  We only have the 5 grandparents coming over for a get together for his birthday.  So my little surprise was the inside.  DJ wanted chocolate on his cake.  Well I couldn't put any on, so I thought I had better put it in!  

We aren't having a party as such with friends as well, he's only 3 so who cares.  Instead we have a boy from his day care coming for a play plus a boy from school pick up who he plays with a lot there.  He will be at school with the second one in 2 years.  So just a play time for the boys on Saturday.  Since BJ's birthday last month, DJ has more clue about different things that go on with parties.  He was rapt with his party bag at that time & it was the cause of many sleepless nights.  Yep, he had to cart that jolly thing around in the middle of the night last month.  Hopefully we don't have the same problem with this one.  Anyway, he has an Octonauts bag for his 2 friends & brother (brother is getting another Ninjago dvd though).  Another DVD but I still find that better value than all the party bag toys that are out there.  I was looking at different things but it was still going to cost a bomb.  Nope, DVD all the way.  

Did quite well too really, as the bags were still left in the party box from BJ's party last year.  The lolly packets were left over from BJ's party bags.  They were bulk bags from the supermarket.  The Octonauts pictures are printables online.  Magic!   One happy newly 3 year old!  


Bron said...

Happy birthday little guy....looks like your mum managed to tick all the boxes for a terrific birthday celebration xxxxx

Sally said...


Love the cake. ADORE that photo of BJ and the candles on the cake. SO good.

Can't believe he is three. Can't believe he is playing with big kid legos too. Oh my. It's all happening too fast.