09 December, 2018


I showed you the first Tomte I sewed last week.  This is the rest of the clan.  

It's been a sew a long with a bunch of other folk all around the world.  It is always interesting to see all the different ways people make them.  Mine are fairly ordinary though.  Blue sky, white snow, green trees.  You get the idea.  They were a lot of fun.  I still haven't done the 2 girl designs though.  Maybe after Christmas I will get them back out & maybe even turn them into something.  

I finally started getting the hang of the foundation paper piecing too.  Good fun to try new things!  

These designs are by Moss And Lotus...  check them out.

This one I had to include.  The design on the left is an "ugly sweater pattern" from kidgiddy.  It's from the sister of the designer of the Tomte.  So I decided that I needed to make this Tomte a match sweater block ..  Turned out pretty cute I think.   Now I need to make a whole bunch of sweaters! 

06 December, 2018

It's All About Handmade

So I find myself as the organiser of the craft stall at next year's school fair.  Can't say I was surprised.  lol  

As a result I have been op shopping & sewing up a storm...  I have a good bag full of finished object already so I am really pleased about that.  

Peg bag aprons, all from op shop fabric & a really nice table cloth.  Yay!  Such fun.  

Keyring fobs, just for something a bit different & I got the keyring bits a couple of years ago & still hadn't used them.  Perfect!

Another birthday party for both boys this week too.  I was so excited to find this dinosaur panel.  For a 10 year old it is a lot better than the cartoon type designs that start to look too babyish.  So I cut it up & voila, one awesome pillow.  (he was rapt with it too thank goodness!)  

& that is Pillow present #20...  Not too bad for 20 gifts over the last 2 years. 

03 December, 2018

New Skills

So DJ has been watching me do some stitching.  Just back stitch out line stitching.  He wanted to try.  Of course it's at bedtime that he wants to try these things.  

We did get him started though.  He picked a picture on line of a candy cane.  Just a colouring in page from the internet.  They make great designs for stitching.  

He traced it on the light box & got stuck in.  He did a good job of the little he has done so far...


It was nice to get my Christmas tree up again.  This one is mine.  I decorate it & only with my ornaments I have made.  There about 110 on there now.  Doesn't look like it really but yeah, there are.  I love it.  

28 November, 2018

Sew Along

It's not like I don't have plenty of other things to do.  

But I saw this one Instagram & had to join.  I had purchased the pattern bundle for the gnomes last year.  

So I got stuck in.  Foundation paper piecing again, & after the quilt recently I was pretty impressed that I had a clue now.  Some of the things I learnt from that helped a lot now.  

Not that it went without errors.  Bwahahahha...  I don't start easily either...  why not begin with trying to pattern match a stripe fabric.  But I really love this little Tomte's sweater.  

Pattern is fro Moss & Lotus on Etsy.

04 November, 2018

All Sorts of Stuff

I had a chunk of fabric left that was sewn up for my quilt.  So I had a little play to experiment on some Ipad covers or some such kind of thing.  It turned out ok, but I need to work on the best way to close them.  

I dug out the hexagons that I started early this year.  I haven't touched them in so very long.  I wanted to have a little play though & got more cut, & more glued, & more sewn.  This is the layout I am playing with but I am still not convinced & have put it away again now while I think on it. 

01 November, 2018

And Then There Were Two

After a month of fun sewing, I finally got brave enough to put together DJ's stocking.  

Of course it didn't take very long but I was nervous about wrecking the stitched picture.  

He was very excited to come home from school & find it done.  

31 October, 2018

Pillow Puppies

Somewhere in the middle of quilt making I made a new pillow.  This was the perfect theme!  I have lots of dog fabric & this one is one of my favourites.

She loved it.  I think her mum loved it more...

Pillow Present # 19