26 August, 2018

Perfectly Matching Socks

I seem to have a thing with orange at the moment.  I blame BJ.  I never used to like orange much.  Now I seem to be using it a lot. 

Some sample yarn was sent to work.  It's rather exciting when that happens.  It isn't very often that is for sure. 

We did order some of the sock wools, which meant for the sake of research, I had to try the Regia Pairfect sock yarn to see how it worked.  Must say it worked out well.  I don't like starting at the cuff normally but had to with these so they worked out like they should.  It was worth it though. 

Socks # 13 2018

25 August, 2018

Learning Stripes

I finally got around to making my own striped socks.  Learning the technique of removing the jog (step) when changing colours.  Worked out rather cool! 

Socks #12 2018

24 August, 2018

Embroidery Play

Some fun new things arrived at work last week. 

I had to try one.  A pre-printed mandala.  Stitched using Cottage Garden Threads Passion Flower. 

23 August, 2018

Bookweek Prep

So I did a bit of the work on the book week costumes like usual.  I still haven't bought a shop made costume yet!  Go me! 

Op  shops are fabulous.

A ladies skirt which was lined & super swishy, made a fabulous Harry Potter cape.  I got to test out the over locker too which I have figured out a little!  Go me again! 

A girls jacket from the op shop was another great find.  Trimmed off the fluffy edges, cut out the sleeves & turned the collar inside & stitched it down.  Turned into a tweedy type looking vest that the Fourth Doctor Who required.  A bit of hand stitching & it did the job.  I needed to remind myself that it is for Bookweek.  One day of dress up.  That's all.  The kids aren't going to inspect the finished products to see how perfect or not, they are.   

22 August, 2018

26 July, 2018

Birthday Party Socks

I adore these.   The colour is stunning.  But I made them for a non-knitter who loved them too.

Sock #11 - 2018

07 July, 2018

Harry Potter In the House

So a Harry Potter party. 

Pinterest to the rescue thank goodness.

We had Hogwarts mail hanging from the ceiling along with a few owls in the room.  A Nimbus 2000 was a fun thing we whipped up thanks to the sticks on the beach.  Looks cool too. 

Ollivander's Wand shop was a hit.  The kids loved the wands.  I had fun making them too I must say.  We had Hogwarts house team ties that I had made.  Each child wore one & took it home.  A few of the kids don't know anything about HP yet so it didn't mean much to them but it was fun all the same. 

Some bottles of potions were sitting about on the table. 

A lot of lollies.  Dumbledore Lemon Drops, Jelly Slugs, Huffle Puffs, Ghost Drops, Wands, Broomsticks, Chocolate Frogs, Every Flavour Jelly Bean & some Dragon Claws.  Finish that off with some Butterbeer & Pumpkin Juice & we were set. 

The kids had inside games of sort of quidditch, & also out in the paddock games of it, although that proved very difficult as it was a little bit windier than hoped. 

The kids took home a wand, a tie, a spell/potion book & a herb for Herbology class. 

It was good fun.