28 January, 2019

Got Them Swimming

The pool again.  We had some lovely days.  I managed to get them outside in the big pool this time.  Oh the fun times we had as kids out there in the deep end.  They loved it though they got cold quickly of course ...  

Oh to be able to jump in too...  but knitting for me.  

27 January, 2019

Cool Recycling

Sorry about the picture of me. 

But hey, I had a bit of fun making these things out of chicken food bags.  We have had them sitting there for a while as I never like to throw them out cos you know you will need one then.  Or at least someone will.  

Yes, it's all for the school fair again.  Being the little country town & country school we are these seem rather a good idea.  Guess we will find out...  

26 January, 2019

Australia Day

 Lots of fun at a big event that is held every year.  We had never been so it was nice to go check it out.  It was massive.  We had no idea that it was so big.  We had a nice day out though. 

Music playing with thongs.

The boys inside these Zorb balls having a roll.  

19 January, 2019

Fiddling With Scraps

More scraps.  I have made a nice little menagerie of butterflies.  Fabric origami actually.  Used up only a small about on scraps but it is something a bit different & hopefully they are popular at the school fair later on.  Oh the things we do...  

A bit more knitting by the sea this time.  Was a cooler day so there was no getting me in anyway.  Getting along with these scrap socks. 

12 January, 2019

Scrap Stacks

I'm over the scraps.  They are breeding!  I am sure of it.  

DJ helped me sort out a bit.  We put them in piles of roughly the same sort of length.  I have quite a stack of width of fabric pieces.  Time to do something with them.  

So hey, why not just sew a bunch together for now.  But let's wait to see what happens to it.  If something will... 

09 January, 2019

Summer Holidays

Summer days are lazy days.  We had a pretty chilled time.  

Working on scrunchies!  I discovered that scrunchies are back in fashion.  So with that I was all over the fabric scraps & experimenting with assembly & sizing for good scrunchies for our school fair in March.  

Pool days = knitting time. 
Scrap socks helical style...  Making a small dent in the scrap pile.  These are cool. 

07 January, 2019

New Year, New Project

Yeah, another project. 

More fabric.  

Have loved this range of fabric since we got it at work but as my self imposed rule says I can't get it right away I did wait.  

I needed a fabric to fussy cut.  Lots of fussy, lots of cuts.  Having played with the mirror on it at work, this was definitely going to be fun.  

So some cutting, some working out which way to put them to make these little triangles into hexagons.